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Wilkofruit B.V. is a dynamic importer of fresh fruit and vegetables. The experience of three generations has given the company excellent knowledge of the sector and its products.


Because of the small structure, Wilkofruit is able to pay close attention to the wishes and needs of its customers. Low costs, in-company stock and a favourable location enable us to maintain competitive prices.


Wilkofruit is located in the south of the Netherlands, centrally situated in the main growing area of soft fruit, at the "crossroads" between the ports of Antwerp, Flushing and Rotterdam. Moreover, Wilkofruit has its own purchase office in Spain, which is partly responsible for our purchases, transport and pre-loading quality inspections of our products.


From all over the world, we acquire the finest products for our appreciated customers.


In combining excellent long-term relationships with new markets, we are able to offer a versatile range of products. The company’s specialty is European stone-fruit, with the emphasis on fresh cherries. Nearly 100 years of dedicated experience positioned Wilkofruit as one of the top cherry-traders in Europe. Furthermore, a wide range of fresh fruit amongst others citrus, pip-fruit, grapes, soft fruit, melons, exotics as well as vegetables and herbs also form part of the company’s "day to day" core business.


Our substantial turnover is the consequence of an exceptional mix of sales markets. Whether it is the street-market man "around the corner" or a supermarket-chain in any of the European countries, we can meet the specific quality or packing demands of all our customers. The focus on retail has made a huge leap forward over the last decade. Because of this, Wilkofruit is capable of delivering retail more and more directly to her customers.